2019 Sponsors

This years BRONZE sponsors are:


SAL Squadron 379

DAV Blue Bonnet Chapter



Financial Supporters, Thank you

All of the Council Officers, Directors and Volunteers

A benefit of being a volunteer with us is that you get to pay all your own expenses.

Additional support has been provided by:

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 297

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 516

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 626

American Legion Riders Post 297

Bruce Zielsdorf

Butch & DJ Benson

Dale Clark, Tarrant County Constable

Dalton's Best Maid Products, Inc.

Dan and Ruth Zmroczek

Exceptional Emergency Center

Jewish War Veterans

Korean War Veterans

Mayor Ronald A. White

MOWW Fort Worth Chapter

North Texas Military Foundation

Pixie Wetmore

Shay & Bill Kuehner

Sheila and Steve Christoph

VFW Post 4695

VFW Post 8253


Tarrant County Veterans Council and Parade Committee Members

2019 Volunteers and Support

(In alphabetical order)

Cynthia Alexander, City of Fort Worth Outdoor Events

Terry Alger, Parade Coordinator, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 516

Matt Beard, Downtown Fort Worth Inc (DFWI)

Stacy R. Beeson, TRVA Event Permitting Coordinator

Dave Bernheisel, CERTS

Terry Bigley, Council Sec/Treas, American Legion Post 379

Michelle Birkett, , VIP registrar, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 516

Officer Ronny Carey, Fort Worth Police Department Special Events Emergency Response

Shanna Cate, TRVA Programming Manager

Chris Chaney, Sundance Square Events & Promotions Mgr

Dale Clark, Constable, Precinct 1, American Legion Post 379

Ken Cox, Parade Diretor & Logistics, American Legion Post 516

LTC Richard Crossley, Jr., Fort Worth JROTC Director, American Legion Post 467

Ed Donnelly, Cowtown Ts

Sgt. Bill Fischer, PAV Honor Guard Bugler, Bugles Across America, American Legion Post 516

Fred Garcia, Band Coordinator, Fort Worth ISD (retired) , American Legion Post 379

James Hammons, Assembly Area Coordinator, American Legion Post 516

Randall High, VFW post 8235

Chuck Inmon, RACES

LTC Michael Keris, Fort Worth JROTC Coordinator

Chief Eric Madrid, Military Liaison, Naval Air Station Fort Worth JRB

Matt Mancino, TRVA On-Site Venue Manager

Sgt Pablo Mendoza, Fort Worth Police Department Special Events

Kristi Mower, Military Liaison, Naval Air Station Fort Worth JRB

Steve Myers, Cowtown Ts

Mason Palmer, Sound Man

Roland Paquette, Ceremony coordinator and announcer, DAV Blue Bonnet Chapter

Allan Peterson, Chisholm Trail Jeep Club

Bill Putman, Muster Area Marshal, Sons of the American Legion Squadron 516

Marsha & Richard (Tinker) Srader, registration, American Legion Post & Auxiliary Unit 516

Dr. Deidra Turner, TCC Veterans Academic Advisor

Phil Vaughn, Director and Greeter, American Legion Post 379

Pixie Wetmore, Finance Director and VIP registrar, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 297

Christine Willesen, VIP registrar, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 626

Major Robert J. Williams, USAF Retired, MOWW

Bruce Zielsdorf, Public Affairs, American Legion Post 626

Dan Zmroczek, council President, Downtown Area Marshal, American Legion 40 and 8

Ruth Zmroczek, VIP registrar, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 379

Volunteers from Naval Air Station JRB Fort Worth

Volunteer Ham Radio operators


2019 Parade Advocates and Partners

Special thanks to these individuals, organizations and companies that make the parade a success.

(In alphabetical order)

Advance Batteries of Burleson

Benbrook American Legion Post 297 Honor Guard

Buyers Barricades

City of Fort Worth

Disabled American Veterans Bluebonnet Chapter

Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Fort Worth

Fort Worth Aviation Museum

Fort Worth fire, police and city services

Fort Worth ISD

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Naval Air Station Fort Worth JRB

Panther Island Pavilion

Starbucks Armed Forces Network Partner

Sunbelt Rentals

Sundance Square

Tarrant County College

Tarrant County Ham Radio Operators

Tarrant County, Texas

Tarrant County Veterans Council Members

The American Legion Twelfth District

Tarrant Regional Water District (Panther Island Pavilion)

Trinity River Vision Authority

VFW Post 8235

All of the great businesses along the route that welcome and support the parade.

Without this support this community event honoring our veterans would not be possible.


2019 Additional Volunteers


Starbucks at Panther Island Pavilion:

We had a great time! Here is the list of volunteers!

Bryttani Moss is the one who coordinated all of the pastries and coffee donated.

Sierra Gear

Cindy Speicher

Mike Jones

Katie Jones

Nikki Jackson

Caden Jackson

Amber Jackson

Randy Smalley

Nathan Foster

Kris Sammudio 

Sammi Smith

Deidria Tenner

Ashley Tennison


Naval Air Station Fort Worth JRB

Barricade/Chair Setup (Civilian Attire)

Lead: AD1 Mower, Kristi (NAS/OPS)

1. Stakebed Driver (Barricades): ABH2 Chermack, John (NAS/OPS)

2. Truck Driver (Chairs) AO1 Ray, Nicholas (NMC)

3. AM2 Difuntorum, Aida (NAS/OPS)

4. AO1 Whitson, Matthew (NMC)

5. AO1 Adlana-Valdez, Christian (NMC)

6. AO1 Fieseler, Nicholas (NMC)

7. ABH3 Puente, Abraham (NAS/OPS)

8. AS2 Aragon, Rudis (NAS/OPS)

9. MA2 Stanley, Frank (NAS/OPS)

10. ASAN Stout, Mician (NAS/OPS)



VIP 1: CS2 Garnica, Katya (NAS/MHDF)

VIP 2: CSSR Harris, Alithia (NAS/MHDF)

VIP 3: BM1 Bolanos, Carlos (NAS/MHDF)


Photography (Civilian Attire)
1. MC1 Jose Jaen


2019 Pictures Provided By

American Legion Post and Auxiliary Unit 516

American Legion Post and Auxiliary Unit 626

American Legion Post and Auxiliary Unit 655

American Legion Post and Auxiliary Unit 838

US Navy

Volunteer Opportunities

The Council is a non-profit, volunteer organization. There are no monetary benefits, however, you will have lots of fun, meet new people, make new friends, have access to an expanded community network, talent recognition and gain enlivened community spirit!


Become a Sponsor or Partner

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As always all administrative work is done by unpaid volunteers, however cash donations are needed to pay for required insurance, safety equipment, parade fees and misc. items.

100% of parade donations are used directly for parade support.

Established in 1958, the TCVC is a non governmental entity controlled entirely by representatives from our member organizations. The TCVC is a 501 (c) (3) corporation and your contribution is fully tax deductible. You are encouraged to read our Constitution and Bylaws.