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Expenses for the Tarrant County Veterans Council routine operations are paid out of member dues and other donations.  If you want to help we encourage you to join if eligible. The council is a volunteer organization with no paid employees, all donations are used to support our mission and everyone is invited to help out.


We need your help for special events

Veterans Day Parade Donations


Like All Volunteer Organizations, “by law” the Tarrant County Veterans Council is financially supported by membership fees and voluntary donations.

The city of Fort Worth enthusiastically supports ”The Tarrant County Veterans Day Parade”  with “in kind” support by the police and city services,  ensuring a safe route, crowd protection and supporting participation by high school bands and ROTC units. We also get a great deal of support from our many “Parade Partners”.  These contributions cannot be overvalued, without this support the Veterans Day Parade would not be possible.

Unfortunately some expensive but vital needs still remain every year.  Specifically for the parade, we must have a very large Event Insurance policy, certain areas require porta-potties (Required by ordnance) and a reviewing stand.  The cost of just these items alone is about $4,000 per year.

Other miscellaneous but important parade expenditures include:

1.      Safety vests (required by ordnance).

2.       Caps and identification tags for parade monitors.

3.      Signs identifying Grand Marshal and parade entries.

4.      Safety and information signs for route, traffic cones and barricades.

5.      Banner identifying current parade theme for the review stand.

6.      Printing notices of parade date/ time and their distribution to inform local business (required twice by ordnance at 180 days and 60 days).

7.      Parade Posters.

8.      Recognition Plaques, Certificates and (ROTC) Medals.

9.      Cost of web site.

10.  Administrative material costs, paper, ink, etc.

Fortunately many fine folks donate the use of important but costly items including event space, traffic barricades, meeting locations, great volunteers and more (see our thank you page). Donations like this help us reduce parade costs.

All officers of the TCVC and the parade are unpaid volunteers.

Actual cost for the parade varies between 3 and 5 thousand dollars a year. All administrative work is done by unpaid volunteers.  100% of parade donations are used directly for the parade and Veteran related activities, there are no salaries paid.


Established in 1958, the Tarrant County Veterans Council is a non governmental entity controlled entirely by representatives from our member organizations. You are encouraged to read our Constitution and Bylaws.

The Tarrant County Veterans Council is a recognized non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions are tax deductible as otherwise provided by law.


If you, your organization or your business would like to contribute to the parade please see our suggested levels


We invite you to drop off your check at our monthly meeting.  See our membership page for location and time or Check(s) should be made payable to: Tarrant County Veterans Council and mailed to:


P.O. Box 16301

Fort Worth, TX 76162


7101 Bryant Irvin Rd. #16301

Fort Worth, TX  76132-4135


We are a community organization and we welcome and appreciate your financial and “in kind” support.  Most important we appreciate your time and encouragement spreading the word and making this a great parade for our Veterans.

For more information see our contact page or email